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Take a Culinary Adventure in Newark, DE Tonight!

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet is proud to be listed as one of the top 100 buffets throughout all of America. We bring something for everyone to the table with over 10 different buffet options and a Hibachi grill with chefs that cook your food selection to order and at your table.

We can host your entire family at our restaurant in Newark, providing a fun culinary adventure for a date, or host your next special occasion. We have a private dining space that can sit up to 60 people you are planning your next baby shower, birthday party, or business lunch. With as many options as we offer it would be hard not to find something for even the pickiest of eaters.

two girls enjoying sushi and Chinese food

International Cuisine for Everyone

If you have a bunch of picky eaters in your family or company, then have no fear, because Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet is here to help make the decision process easy on where to eat for lunch or dinner. Our team prepares classic dishes from Japan, China, and the US to help everyone get what they want to eat all under one roof!

Check Some of the Many Options We Offer at Our 12 Buffet Tables and Hibachi Grill
Chinese Cuisine

General Tso’s Chicken
Chicken & Broccoli
Black Pepper Shrimp
Teriyaki Chicken


California Roll
Tuna Roll
Salmon Roll
Crab & Cheese Roll

American Cuisine

Chicken Fingers & Wings
French Fries
Roasted Ham
Macaroni & Cheese

Japanese Hibachi

(Included in buffet price)
Pick your own meats, veggies, and rice/noodles

Visit Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet Today

Offering dinner and lunch options for over 10 years in the Newark area, we provide lunch and dinner options. We are currently under new management, but still offer high quality, traditional food that landed us on Top 100 Buffets in the US. Come in today and find your new favorite restaurant!

Kids (Ages 3 to 6)

Lunch - $5.00/Dinner - $7.00

Kids (Ages 7 to 10)

Lunch - $7.00/Dinner - $9.25


Lunch - $9.00/Dinner - $13.25


$1.75 with unlimited refills

Voted One of the Top 100 Buffets in USA!